Linda Chun, MD

Linda Chun, MD

Linda Chun, MD


Linda was initially drawn to the idea of integrative medicine during her Internal Medicine – Pediatrics residency.  She had discovered ashtanga yoga as a medical student, and at this point was committed to her regular yoga practice and teaching weekly at a local studio.  Yoga was opening her eyes to various therapeutic modalities that addressed health and healing in a different way.  This included things like breath work, meditation, massage, Reiki, and Ayurveda.  Linda learned early on the importance of self-care and attention to work-life balance. 

As a resident, it became clear to Linda that conventional patient care approaches that she was learning were often inadequate.  She knew she wanted to practice medicine in a different way.  After graduating, Linda started the University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine.  This two-year fellowship provided both broad and in-depth study and reshaped her practice style. 

As a fellow, Linda was fortunate enough to join the team at OSU Center for Integrative Medicine, where she practiced integrative primary care for nearly 9 years. Additionally, in 2008 she started working at Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Pain Clinic, which utilizes a unique multi-disciplinary model to help pediatric and young adult patients in chronic pain management.  Linda completed medical acupuncture training in 2009.

With 2016 came a readiness to try something new.  Linda decided it was time to step away from the busy world of primary care and bring her integrative medicine interests into a different environment.  She teamed up with Hope Vitellas and started a consultative practice, using integrative medicine approaches to help her patients manage various chronic conditions.  She hopes to help people cultivate greater overall wellness in a practice setting that allows for fewer patients and more time spent with each patient. 

In addition to Vitellas Chun Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture, Linda continues to work at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Pain Clinic.  She teaches Mysore Ashtanga yoga classes at Yoga on High in the Short North.  She and Hope designed and offer Yoga and Acupuncture workshops.  Linda remains committed to her personal ashtanga yoga practice as well as her muay thai (martial arts) training.


  • Undergraduate: BS in Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 1992-1996 

  • Medical school: The Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1998-2002 

  • Residency: Internal Medicine – Pediatrics, The Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus Children’s Hospital, 2002-2006 

  • Fellowship: Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, 2006-2008 

  • Helms Medical Acupuncture course, 2009 

  • Ashtanga yoga 200-hour teacher training, 2001 

  • Board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics