Hope Vitellas, LAc

Hope Vitellas, Licensed Acupuncturist, first discovered the healing power of acupuncture twelve years ago after tearing her rotator cuff.

To step back a bit, Hope is a skilled Muay Thai fighter who was competing for the 2001 World Muay Thai Championship in Thailand when she tore her rotator cuff.   Doctors told her she would never fight again, and without surgery, her shoulder mobility would be severely limited.  Devastated by the news, Hope sought how to regain movement in her shoulder without surgery. 

Hope's Muay Thai training and travels had exposed her to the rich traditions of Eastern Medicine and she began daily acupuncture treatment for her torn rotator cuff.  Within two months, Hope had full range of motion in her shoulder.  The acupuncture had cured her injury. 

Through this experience, Hope developed a deep appreciation for the healing power of Eastern Medicine and resolved to learn this ancient art and science to help others get back on track.

Hope completed the intensive, three-year Master's Program at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine College of Traditional Chinese Medicine which included over 2,170 hours of training in Chinese medical theory, acupuncture and basic biosciences.  She furthered her studies with advanced training at the Beijing Hospital of Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in Beijing, China.  She also visited Mount Emei, where she learned the sacred healing methods of the Emei Monks and became a Certified Qi Gong Teacher of the EMEI Mountain Technique.   

Hope is licensed to practice acupuncture in Ohio with a licensure issued by the State Medical Board of Ohio and a national certification from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  

Hope is also a Reiki Master and holds a B.A. in Communications from The Ohio State University.

 Hope VItellas, LAc

Hope VItellas, LAc